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            Network Analyzer
            multiport test set

            Mr Zheng,General President  
            Huoju Building,9th floor
            Chuangye Road,Chengdu ,China
            Tel:+86 028 85157401
            Fax:+86 028 85157403


               Founded in 2004, Chengdu Tianda Instrument Co.,Ltd is a National High-Tech Enterprise specializing in research and production of measuring instruments in television and microwave communication area. Tianda has passed ISO9001: 2015, the certification of quality management system in China. On Dec. 13, 2017, Tianda(NEEQ: 872414) went public on main board of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations.

               Since its established, Tianda has maintained steady growth on its technical innovation, It has a series of microwave measuring instrument core patent technology and computer software copyright. Tianda actively develops automatic testing system, automatic management system and intelligent robot debugging system, now has successfully stepped into the field of artificial intelligence.

               The Frequency of Tianda’s main product TD3600 series vector network analyzer covers 5Hz ~20GHz, its perfect performance makes Tianda a leading provider in broadcast television, microwave communication, education, and scientific research area in China. Tianda is also widely recognized in international markets for its quality and price, its main products have been exported to  Malaysia, Japan, Argentina, Belgium and many other countries and regions.

               High technology and high quality is the tenet of Tianda, and Tianda is determined to make greater contribution to the development and production of RF microwave instrument and intelligent robot in artificial intelligence.

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                            Address:No16,Chuangye road,Chengdu,Sichuan,China
            E-mial:zzx@cdtianda.com  Fax85157403